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Financial Services

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We are Reach. Reach is a next-generation customer engagement platform which allows companies to conduct transactional meetings online in real time with their clients, eliminating the need for a physical encounter.

The platform empowers companies to wrap up transactions - documentation and/or authentication processes - instantly and remotely as well as a customer self-service mode, using any device.

The revolutionary solution allows to increase closing ratio, reduce process time, increase customer satisfaction and eliminate the need for a physical encounter.

Reach is an award-winning startup which won multiple prizes in the Fintech domain.
The company is growing rapidly with more than 70 paid customers and numerous pilots with global giants on its path to make the digital age simpler for companies and their clients.


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Top 3 Things

Speed, innovation with sustainability


Make us look like we are a big company that changes the industry. We work with big banks and insurance companies but also want keep the hi-tech innovative image of a startup. We are a fast start up that will solve your problems fast like but we are also here to stay, something like UBER, AirBNB or Slack.

Additional Info

We are in the porcess of changing the name of the company, our name today is Seegnature, you can check out our logo on seegnature.com. We felt that this name limits ourselves to only one of the features of our product which today became so much more than that. Today we are a platform as described above and we help companies (mainly from the financial sector) REACH their clients, in a faster, easier, engaging way that improves business KPIs to the companies and the customer experience for their customers.



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