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We are an innovative project which works with City Councils to build an online panels of resident (a Community Panel) to provide them with feedback and help them make decisions. We are expanding the project, and would like our logo to be professionally redesigned.

Community Panel is an innovative model for engaging local communities in decision-making and for meeting the research needs of local city councils. The way it works is that city councils recruit residents of all ages to join their online Community Panel. Panel Members get to have their say about local issues by completing online surveys every few months. Surveys cover everything from council services, facilities and spending priorities to local environmental initiatives.

Community Panel is all about getting residents to engage with their local council, participate in decision-making, voice their opinions and stay informed about local matters. By participating in the initiative, panel members get the opportunity to help shape their citys future. The project is designed to be an easy way of contributing, enjoyable and motivating for participants- they win prizes for doing surveys and we hold events for them like movie nights.

City Councils benefit from the feedback participants provide. By understanding the communitys views on issues, Councils can make better decisions. The project is also about engagement and community building.

For more information about Community Panel, go to:




We have a logo but it could use a facelift so that it looks slick and professional. The current version is a little bit amateur and doesnt clearly convey what we are about.

We use the logo on marketing materials for councils, surveys and communications with the community and on our websites, presentations & reports. Councils also use it on their websites and newsletters etc.

The logo is often used in conjunction with the logos of the managing partners:

- The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the University of South Australia

- The City of Tea Tree Gully

- The City of Burnside

One of the uploaded pictures is a screen shot of our latest survey which has all three logos. The Community Panel logo doesnt need to match these though.

The inspiration behind the current logo was that by participating, residents (the houses) would have the opportunity to help shape their citys future and contribute to their community (hence the potters wheel and the bowl with the houses/community). Whilst we liked the thinking behind this logo, we arent at all attached to the current execution. We have been using this logo for 18 months and would like some continuity in design, so an updated to the bowl would be great place to start.


City Council managers as well as community members of all ages.


Style: We want the logo to look clean & professional but also be interesting and engaging. The logo should reflect that Community Panel is about building communities and making them better places to live.

Font: We are fairly open to different options, but would like the words to be clear and easy to read. We need to be able to resize the image- smaller for letterheads and bigger for presentations etc, without impacting on the clarity of the lettering.

We often use the words Community Panel in letterheads, on survey headers and presentation templates (see attachments) using a fairly clean Helvetica or Arial style font. Times fonts have been used in the past though. As for the tagline, shaping our citys future, we dont mind the calligraphy font but we wouldnt want to use it for everything.

Colours: We quite like the maroon/ red colour in the current logo because it works well as a header on surveys etc. We also use a bright/navy blue a lot (its the colour of the Universitys logo). We are however open to other colours being used. That said, we want to project a professional image, so muted, grown-up shades are preferred over any more childish or gaudy shades.


The words Community Panel.

For the logo to still look something like us! We have been using this logo for 18 months + so some continuity in the design would be great.

Nothing cartoonish or messy. Clean and professional please.

Practical considerations: We need to be able to pull the logo apart to use it in different ways- sometimes we might just want the words Community Panel, other times we will just want the graphic bit. It would be great to be able to use it as a banner configuration or as a squarer one. Councils often like to add their own name City of Burnside into the logo somewhere (see square version) and it would be great if this was still possible.



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