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Hire temporary workers in minutes;
find short-terms jobs;
refer friends and get rewarded.

1) What is ArmyAsap about?

ArmyAsap is a staffing platform where employers can quickly hire large groups of temporary workers to perform jobs on-site, pay them and rate them for their work.

Candidates can find short-term jobs around them and they can invite and refer co-workers to join a project, getting a reward for every successful referral.

ArmyAsap also handles all the contracts obligations as a staffing company does.

The target jobs are in retail operations, customer service, warehouse, office and any other temporary task.

The most successful and requested temps are those who consistently score high ratings and manage to successfully refer friends to new jobs.

ArmyAsap rewards successful referrals with a higher salary for the successful referrer. As of now, temporary projects staffing needs are often fulfilled thanks to informal referral. We believe this natural trend can be enhanced by the internet and by a monetary incentive.

ArmyAsap takes care of the contracts with the temporary employees, with a standard contract compliant with all the local laws where the on-site work is performed.

Wage payments are performed by the employers through the platform. Payments are performed at the end of the project or on a weekly basis if the project lasts longer than 1 week.
AA keeps a 25% flat fee over the gross salary amount, versus 50-60% of average fees from traditional staffing companies.

Candidates are pre-screened by ArmyAsap. Employers can view the candidates video interviews to hire their favourite candidates or rely on AA algorithm for the choice (based on historical ratings and similarity of the job performed)



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