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We are the North Township Trustee's Office. We are a government organization. Our office (with three locations), serves five communities, and has three primarily functions: we administers government assistance and poor relief; we plan community events and celebrations; we lead relief efforts in the event of a disaster.

Poor relief is one of our most primary responsibility. In administering poor relief we sponsor an Energy Assistance Program (EAP). This is ONE example of many assistance programs we administer. EAP provides financial assistance to low-income households to maintain utility services during the winter heating season.

Some additional programs we administer include: Parents as Teachers, an in-home program where a case worker provides parents with information about diet, nutrition, and raising children; Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP); and Dial-A-Ride a free buss service available to residents requesting rides 72 hrs in advance (serves many senior citizens).

Part of our work is outreach. Often times people in need are hesitant to work with a government agency, some individuals may be unaware that our office exists, and they may not know how we can help.

Given the events aspect of our office, we need a logo that would accompany the appeal of entertainment-based-events. This logo will appear on every press release, event poster and newspaper advertisement. Our events are explained in further detail later in this section.

We host annual events and impromptu celebrations. When the Army National Guard activated a large number of units based in Indiana, our office hosted a free send-off celebration for them and their families.

We also have youth programs. We host an annual community Easter Egg Hunt that attract almost 2,000 people. A low-cost summer day camp is available through the park we operate. Movies in the park are held during the summer months as well. And our Halloween Spooktacular takes place every Fall.

We also coordinate disaster relief. As natural disasters are infrequent, this need is not constant. However when the circumstances present themselves, our presence is needed, known, and recognized. A logo can be very functional in this situation. In 2008 Our community experienced unprecedented flooding. Our office set up a relief center, coordinated temporary housing, and organized distribution of basic necessities.


The logo should have two primary elements: one element is an emblem, symbol, etc. -- the actual logo; the second primary element is a text logo that reads "North Township Trustee." We would like both an acronym and a fully spelled out title of our office, "North Township Trustee."

Our logo needs to have the color red in it (CMYK - 0/83.53/94.51/0). Feel free to use this color as sparingly or as prominently as you see fit.

The completed logo (typography and symbol) will be associated with all of our community events, Web site, business cards, press releases, newspaper ads, signage and all other PR materials. The logo will occasionally appear on pieces that will also feature the Indiana State seal.

A functional logo will add needed identity to who we are and what we do. The general sentiments that need to be inherent in the logo are: community, aid, support, and welcoming. We want the logo to be positive and inspire feelings of hope and excitement.


Our audience is detailed in previous responses.


We are coming to crowdSPRING because we want to lean on your creative expertise. We have included samples of things we like and think work well. However please do not let our choices take precedent over an idea that is different from the samples we have included below.

I can see both serif and san-serif fonts serving the typography of this logo well. Obviously one will better serve your unique design. Serif fonts are quite nice and give a warm distinguished appeal. Our preferences include Palatino, Bondoni, other like fonts, and font families. We do not have a specific preferences for san-serfi fonts. If choosing a san-serif font. Please make a choice that is not typical. Something with a Web 2.0 feel is welcome.

This logo is okay, but a little sleepy:


I like Mint's logo as it has an emblem that makes something as dull as personnel finance energetic and exciting:


The mint leaf and Dollar sign is creative and exudes a sort of goodness, or welcome that is appreciated.

Department of Education. We do like the overall idea of this logo. The typography and accentuation of the torch create a welcome sense of interactivity, but please do not use this font:


There are quite a few object that lend themselves to the ideas expressed, that we would like our logo to have: a shield, asexual people (as in the symbol for restroom), hands, shelters (like Habitat for Humanity's logo).



-Acronym and complete spelling of "North Township Trustee" -- these can be presented as different versions of the logo and do not need to be thought of as a single design

Our current logo was not well executed. It can be viewed on our Web site's homepage. The current logo appears in upper left hand corner.


We do feel our current logo exudes a sense of community and functions in the spirit of being a need-based poor relief entity. The current logo is unaware of any cohesive design elements, nor is it influenced by a particular style of design.

We are a government agency, but also very much so a community organization. Our logo should avoid becoming too austere, but it should retain some sense of distinguished integrity.



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