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We are a new non-profit group dedicated to providing services, tools, education, manpower... pretty much anything which is needed to other social ventures.

We've designed websites for a theater foundation, led a marketing campaign for a student entrepreneur group, advised a second entrepreneur group on planning and executing a trade show, identified grant opportunities for a group heading to Latin America for a mercy mission, built a Salesforce database for a clean technology advocacy group, etc.

Most of this work has been done through brokering of private-public partnerships.

Our website is www.ycause.com

We are entirely funding through personal donations and a few grants. Our headquarters is in San Diego.

We'd love your help in solidifying our external image so we can really start helping others that want to help others. Thank you.

We need a logo designed for our organization: YCause. This logo will be used for our website and all promotional material.

We straddle a unique line. Three major groups we interact with:

1. Small start-up social ventures/non-profits

2. Private Sector/Industry

3. International Organizations

It's the last 2 that really demand us to externally represent ourselves in a specific way - professional and clean.

Needs to be professional, very clean, minimalistic - our website is still in development but you can see the minimalistic style at www.ycause.com

Not looking for a seal or huge graphic.


The current logo on our website is a straight futura font spelling of our group - don't really see straying to far from this. We do like capital letters - possibly all caps.


Scheme hasn't been decided upon yet but will definately center around greys and blues.


Biggest organization that has influenced us is CONNECT. www.connect.org. Another non-profit that interacts very successfully with industry.

Must have 2 logo forms - dark on white background and light on dark background.



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