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We are looking for a new set of logos for our NitroMation product line. NitroMation was originally conceived as a symbolic combination of "Nitro" representing power, speed and explosive energy, and "Mation" for Automation - representing knowledge based repeatable processes.

NitroMation is basically an environment and set of tools designed to help our customers design things and find them if they have already been done. Also, to control access and enforce rules and leverage knowledge.

This project needs to deliver a central logo for NitroMation -and- a set of icons (16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256,256) for each sub-product derived from the NitroMation Icon.

The NitroMation logo we are looking for should be easily adaptable to other sub-products we market under it. Specifically:

- The NitroMation Warehouse - a Centralized Global Catalog System (part/item classification and search engine)

- Nitro-Scribe - an application that talks to the NitroMation Warehouse to create print catalogs of the Warehouse's content - organize and export.

- Nitro-Cell - An Ms-Excel Based Automation tool for driving 3D CAD Assemblies, Parts and Drawings

- Nitro-BOM - a Bill of Materials extraction tool from 3D CAD Model Assemblies.

- Nitro-Program - a Graphical Tree Editor

- NitroMation-API - a Programming Interface for developers

You can learn about these products at: www.simplifiedlogic.com

Our New NitroMation and the variant icons must convey all of our capabilities in a very professional manner - and be recognizable (have common purpose relative to our products).

We are currently using a "Gear" with a triangular "Play" button in the lower right corner. It works - but is kind of clich at this point. We need something different.

Again - we need something that is clean, professional, eye catching and simple. (e.g. american boldness, european sleekness, and asian simplicity - as in our last project).

Given that this is a significant effort (common logo and 6 icons derived from it) we have put a decent price on this in anticipation of some great things.



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