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Archangel Ventures - is a private equity firm that invests in startup and growing interactive entertainment companies. In addition, to providing access to capital we also help our potfolio companies by acting as a true business partner.

Technically speaking an Archangel is someone who directs the investments of Angel Investors.

So we have 2 "customers," our portfolio companies and our Limited Partners who invest their money with us.

We need a logo that incorporates our name. This will be used on business cards, stationary, and our new website.

1 - interactive entertainment companies = mostly small video game developers, publishers, art houses, programmers, etc. I will from time to time help other firms, but mostly only b/c past clients have left the industry and started something new.

These type of people are usually insanely creative and do NOT want to have just another suit type banker involved with their firm. In fact for the most part these people do not like bankers, accountants, lawyers, etc.

2 - investors = very rich individuals, other VC firms, or large companies.

These type of people are looking for expertise in the firm managing their money. They invest b/c they can make lots of money - but they also invest b/c they want to be a part of something cool to brag about to their friends.

I do not want to direct the create flow here, but we have seen some angel wing type designs that look cool.

I tend to be drawn more to fonts that look handwritten - but like I said I am not the creative one here!

absolutely no evil angel stuff or religious stuff. Archangel is obviously a biblical reference but I really do not want to incorporate that into the design other than a halo or wings at most.



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