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We are a 501c3 non profit educational conference organization dedicated to advancing healthcare through open discussion of scientific issues. We need a logo for our Applied NanoTechnology(TM) forum.

Project Summary:

The Applied NanoTechnology forum is dedicated to the application of nanoscale technologies in an industrial setting as the name implies, but with a special emphasis on healthcare. Our first meetings will surely focus around the development of technologies that do things like deliver life-saving medications in miraculous new ways. This work is critical to getting novel molecules into the discovery pipeline and eventually to patients as drugs.


Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Speed, Biology, Toxicology, Safety, Synthesis, Healthcare, Medicine, Creativity, Pharmacology

Product/services offered:

The Applied NanoTechnology forum facilitates education, training, discussion, and scientific activities in support of the Nanotech community, and promotes and disseminates knowledge of the needs of the pharmaceutical community to Nanotech-oriented vendors. Membership includes scientists involved in every area of pharmaceutical/chemical research and development, particularly with respect to applied pharmaceutical Chemistry. Members come from academic, industrial and governmental laboratories. Their interests include biology, toxicology, mechanisms of action, safety margin, and advancement of techniques and instrumentation, synthesis, and the full spectrum of activities necessary to discover and develop a therapeutic entity.

some symbols:

Cadeucus, (healthcare symbols), compass (exactness/engineering symbols), pharmaceutical symbols, Chemical Symbols

Project Summary:

What text should be included in the main part of the logo?

Applied NanoTechnology, including the letters ANT somehow is nice in the event we cannot include the text.

Our audience is comprised of creative and knowledgeable people who are highly accountable to their employers. They specialize in the guided synthesis and formulation of molecules that will fill unique voids for current unmet medical needs. They have a deep knowledge of both chemical synthesis and pharmacology/biology in order to accomplish this.

We are trying to convey to your target audience that this is the premier venue for their continuing education and the advancement of their ideas.

The main web page of our non-profit is www.bsat.org. We actually chose these logos so they represent stuff we like. Our other major workshop pages include:




We don't necessarily like our competitor's logos, but they might also generate some ideas. Competitor URLs:








Health care symbols such as the cadeceus, cross, et ceter but mixed perhaps with chemical symbols molecules, atoms, et cetera. We're really not sure, so surprise us! We have developed all of our logos on this forum so you can look at some of our previous projects in the archives.

Tagline or slogan:

A Non-Profit Applied NanoTechnology Educational Discussion Group



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