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Advertising & Marketing

About Your Company

Company name: Sales-Promotions

Our website is: www.sales-promotions.com

Our existing logo needs to be changed and we are open to a complete redesign. We want to portray that we are ‘global’ so perhaps the globe icon in our logo can remain similar enough to how it is now, maybe.

Our company specialises in promotional management and fulfilment for mulitnationals. We run cashback promotions, trade-in promotions, sweepstaes, loyalty programs, etc.

Our audience is Marketing Managers all around the world, in major locations (often capitals of countries), ages 25+, good income, looking to outsource their promotional activity to a provider (us) who can handle all aspects of a promotional camapign including campaign set up, management, customer services, VAT rebates, in depth reporting based on camapign success, etc.


Logo Usage
  • Screen / Digital

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Preferred Logo Style
  • Image + Text

Preferred Fonts
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Logo Text


Top 3 Things

Professionalism, Expertise, Trust


Something that represents the industry we work in and the excellent service we provide by handling EVERY stage of a promotional camapign for a client. We take a lot of work and pressure off clients if they were to conduct this work in house and that is why a client chooses to work with us.

Additional Info

File formats needed will be png. jpg. and eps.
Primary logo will be needed along with full tone grayscale, white, and solid black.

Also, please include our tagline in the logo (Delivering Your Promise)



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