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Kizoom is a technology company that specialises in the design and delivery of passenger information services that support public transport. We manage and deliver information and services through a wide variety of delivery channels including mobile phones, large format display screens, interactive terminals and the web. This includes departures/arrivals information that is delivered straight to passengers mobile phones, appears on screens at stations and stops, and touch screen terminals that allow passengers to buy a ticket/plan a journey/look at timetables/view maps etc.

Kizoom aspires to be a global company. We are growing quickly, and dont anticipate that our business will always be entirely based around transport.

Our company is 12 years old. We aim to practice what we preach supporting a green approach to life where possible. We arent eco warriors or anything, but support the use of public transport and like to think that our company isnt destroying the planet. We may be a bit geeky, but were not boring and were proud of that.

Direct competitors (we want to distinguish ourselves from these):





Big companies in the market, who may be future partners:






We need a new logo we can use wherever branding is required. This includes use both on printed materials (eg brochures/stationary/business cards) and online (eg website/email). In addition the logo must be suitable for display on mobile phone screens at a width of no more than 110 pixels and density of 72 pixels per inch. As well as its colour applications, the logo must be capable of reproduction in reversal and in black line only (ie without the use of tints and shades). Imagine how it could be reproduced reversed out of a photographic background and embossed into a sheet of stainless steel, for example.

There are two options, and no preferred approach:

1. Design a new logo from scratch

2. Evolve our existing logo

Our ideal logo is wide and short rather than square, but cannot be tall and thin. The dimensions of our existing logo (see attached) are indicative of the general shape were looking for, ie landscape not portrait.

In terms of colour, think web 2.0 were not keen on that term but hopefully you get the drift. We have a slight preference for orange and/or blue, but this is a suggestion only and were open-minded on other colours. We recommend you limit your design to 2 colours. The logo will primarily be inserted onto white backgrounds.

We want our new logo to reflect the cutting edge nature of our business. Not corporate, but also not small business. Were a young, clever, lively, dependable and proven medium sized company. Our logo must not be boring. That said it must not be too kooky or out there. For a more complete look at our brand values, see the attached document.

See the attached document outlining the file formats we will require the winning design in.


Our customers are not the end users of our products(public transport users), instead they are local government workers or people working for train and bus companies. The logo must be usable as a consumer facing brand, but it is more important that it appeals to our customers.

Our customers tend to be male and middle aged, and are not risk takers. They look for safe and reliable suppliers who have credibility.

Kizoom must be seen as being at the top end of the market, offering the best quality solutions with unmatched reliability. We want to be thought leaders within the industry, offering cutting edge, practical solutions that support public transport and the passengers who use it. We want our customers to believe that by buying our products, more people will use public transport.


Apple.com , whitehouse.gov, guardian.co.uk, google, technorati.com, skype.com

Simple, modern, uncluttered, clean designs. We hate to say it again, but think web 2.0.


The logo must fit landscape, rather than portrait dimensions.

The logo must feature the name Kizoom. The name could be the logo (stylized text or text within a shaped logo such as skype.com) or it could be that the name sits along side an icon to form the logo (eg see technorati.com, yousendit.com, netvibes.com).

It must display adequately at a width of 110 pixels, pixel density 72 pixels per inch, for use on older mobile phone screens.

The winning logo is likely to be a bit funky and certainly modern web 2.0 (last time we promise) looking, while instilling the values outlined in the attached brand values document. Were a serious company, but dont be afraid to let the creative juices flow. Theres a fine line here, but dont play it too safe!


Kooky, hippy, out there or amateur looking design.

No tired, clichd imagery please. This includes satellite dish icons, wireless waves or globes



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