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Tell us what you need

What is the exact name you would like in your logo?


What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1. Social/fun
2. Trust/reliability
3. Easy-to-use

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

We prefer image + text. We are also open to having a graphical element incorporated into the text, as long as it does not overpower it. If there is an image, we do want the textual portion of the logo to have some distinction when standing on its own.

It is also important that the textual elements of the logo be legible when viewed in a small font because we want to have relatively small buttons on the site that are labeled with "PayByGroup".

Here are some examples of logos that reflect each of the things we're trying to communicate through our logo:

- Trust/reliability: http://squareup.com, http://simple.com, http://bankofamerica.com, http://fidelity.com
- Social/fun: http://livingsocial.com, http://simpleenergy.com/, http://www.bloomspot.com, http://redeemr.com/, http://content.corkd.com/
- Easy-to-use: http://dropbox.com, http://squareup.com

Our target demographic is 22-35 year old women that are the primary "organizers" among their friend groups. They regularly coordinate groups of close friends to do new activities together and take on all the burden of planning those experiences. However, we don't want an overly feminine logo. Something more gender-neutral is ideal, but if you have to pick a direction, lean towards the feminine.

PayByGroup makes the process of planning things with friends hassle-free by getting real commitment and up-front payment from friends for their share of an activity. We handle all of the follow-up and send each person's payment directly to the merchant so the organizer doesn't have anything to worry about.

Most importantly, the organizer cares about having a good time with her friends. Making a fun experience happen that everyone enjoys and for which she gets the credit is a prime motivator. That's why the social/fun element is so important. It's even more important than the trust aspect, even though we are a payments-focused site. Along those lines, a logo that has some vibrancy and activity to it could be effective.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

I have attached a screenshot of our existing website so you can get an idea for the look and feel there and the color scheme we used. The primary logo you submit does not have to incorporate any of these colors - we are not wedded to them - but it would be nice if you could include a version that would work with this color scheme.

We are a member of the current 500Startups accelerator class, which means we will be launching our site and presenting it to hundreds of press and investors in late January. If you are selected, your work will receive extensive exposure, and we will be happy to provide references to you from interested parties.



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