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Let me tell you about us.

FastPitch is an event where 20 entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas successively in 60 seconds each to a room full of investors with the opportunity to win cash prizes and a formal presentation in front of accredited angel investors. It will be a fun evening full of music, food and community atmosphere to launch a successful business venture.

This event will be the final of four phases of the selection process that involves previous vetting phases including, 1) an online application of entrepreneur and business details (we expect several hundred entries), 2) an American Idol style audition where many applicants will privately give their pitch to a panel of judges in order to move to the next round which is 3) what we're callingPitchCamp where we'll guide the top 30 entrepreneurs on how to successfully give an elevator pitch at the FastPitch event.

This is the premier FastPitch event that will be in Nashville first, with future expansion plans of taking this concept into multiple cities.

Here is what we need:

We are looking for a modern, simple yet striking logo representing our event to be integrated on all materials including (but not limited to) the web site, badges/widgets on participant sites, large banners at the event, programs and brochures, marketing and other press materials.

Our target audience is:

Our event serves entrepreneurs with business ideas that cover the entire spectrum (not just technology). A main goal for the event is to bring all size investors both Angel and Venture Capital out of the woodwork and engage in the community.

Although our event is very different from BarCamp (barcampnashville.com) and Startup Weekend (nashvillestartup.ning.com), both of which are happening in town around the same month, we will be working very closely with them to bring participants from those events to ours. Through press and other media exposure we are looking to expand the Nashville venture marketplace.

We like these designs:

Please be as creative as you like with your designs. Some ideas of images you could include are: RPM/speedometer/gas gauge, a stopwatch, a clock, or some type of elevator symbol. I've uploaded some other design examples with this project and online at http://www.box.net/shared/egsz3b9gk8. The symbol in the "PackFast" logo is nice, but a different sans serif font would be nicer.

An elevator pitch is considered a 1 minute pitch. Our tag line is "Concept to Start-up in 60 Seconds", which is sort of a play on a phrase the automotive industry uses (ala ... this car goes 0-16 in 4sec). If using some sort of a gauge, you could include a 0 on one side and 60 on the other.

Also feel free to experiment with colors. We really have no preferences here, as our web design will follow the logo. One idea is to somehow incorporate some green hues (representing money) maybe like this: http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/4639..., but feel free to use whatever you think would work.

Check out some BarCamp logos for more inspiration: http://flickr.com/search/?z=t&w=all&q=ba...

Our design absolutely must have:

The event name is like BarCamp where FastPitch is one word (capital F and P) and the city name (in this case Nashville) is included in the logo, but is replaceable by other cities as we progress.

Also include the tag line: "Concept to Start-up in 60 Seconds."



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