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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We're a successful family owned and operated greenhouse pepper grower. All of our produce is grown in our earth-friendly greenhouses, where we use bugs instead of pesticides to kill unwanted pests in our greenhouses and significantly less water (as little as 1/20) than conventional farming methods by recycling, sterilizing and re-using our run-off water (which means that no run-off water goes into the public water system). Committed to food safety and traceability, we are dedicated to providing healthy and fresh produce to our customers.

What do you need?

We are looking for a new logo for use in all of our marketing: for packaging our vegetables (in the larger boxes that they're transported in as well as the small packages that customers take home with them,) on the stickers that go on the peppers (about an inch wide/long), all promotional materials, signage, letterhead, on our tractor trailers, clothing, etc. The logo will need to be reproduced in small sizes (stickers on produce) as well as in larger versions (the side of our trucks) so it will need to be legible in all size formats. Additionally, we reproduce our logo on packaging labels, and many of our suppliers like to have the font available as well. Wed like to be given the names of any fonts used in the design so that we can pass them on to our suppliers.

Our customers are increasingly looking for green companies to purchase from, and we want to legitimately capitalize on that. We want our logo to reflect our recognition of the importance of the environment while promoting our produce fresh from our family farm.

The name for the logo is Southshore Greenhouses Inc. Wed like the logo to be contemporary and easy to reproduce it shouldnt use too many different colours.

Who Is Your Audience?

Everyone who eats. Our audience is everyone at the grocery stores, as well as the store buyers that we sell to directly. More specifically, we ship to grocery stores across Canada and the mid-eastern United States.


We Absolutely Must Have

NO greenhouse peaks, greenhouse structure, or vegetables in the design.



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