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Advertising & Marketing

About Your Company

SHYFT Marketing is a digital agency providing small to mid-size businesses with premium marketing services. Services such as social media marketing, content creation, and search engine marketing (SEM).

We chose SHYFT for a few reasons. SHYFT gives off a feel of movement and a “shift” towards the future. As a digital marketing agency, I want to give off a feeling of progression and moving towards something newer/better. Another reason I chose SHYFT, as opposed to Shift, was I wanted to focus on the “Y,” in other words the “Why?” What differentiates us is our focus on discovering our client’s “Why?” Part of our goal as a digital agency, aside from driving revenue to our clients through the internet, is to discover their “Why?” and communicate that to their ideal audience. Consumers no longer buy into what you do, they buy into WHY you do it.

The main message I want to get across with my logo is this progression, movement, and an emphasis on the “Y,” aka the “Why?” We are a digital agency that drives revenue and builds businesses' online presences with digital marketing strategies and a focus on the "Why?"


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Top 3 Things

Progression, Modernity, Digital


To start, I really like the light blue/aqua to dark blue gradient. I think it looks very modern, trendy, and trustworthy (because it is blue). I’m open to other mixes of blue as I realize I am not a graphic designer so I may not know what looks best. I think some sort of black, gray, or white can fit into the mix as well. Maybe the word SHYFT could be a gradient blue (or maybe even half of the word) and the rest can be black/gray. I will attach several different images of logos/branding that I really like, and that I think look very modern/sleek. So, I’d say play around with the blues and the grays/whites, focusing on a modern/digital look.

I’d also like white copies for use with colored backgrounds (e.g. a blue gradient background on my business card with a white version of the SHYFT Marketing logo). Essentially, just keep in the back of your mind the different places I’d use the logo (e.g. profile/cover photos, Favicon for website tab, different colored backgrounds, documents, etc).

I also believe an arrow of sorts could look good worked into the logo (See: “SHYFT Collective Logo” & “SHYFT Collective Brand” attachments). Obviously, I don’t want to infringe on this company’s logo/brand at all, but I think the use of the blue/black and the apparent blue arrow look amazing. An arrow or some sort of “Y” could be a great emblem for my brand, although we’d need to make sure it’s differentiated from the SHYFT Collective brand. An arrow in itself gives off the message of progression and moving forward >>>

I think the word “Marketing” would look best as smaller text in the bottom right side of the logo. It seems that many companies use all caps in their logos (SHYFT MARKETING), but I'm open to whatever you guys think looks best. Meaning Marketing vs. MARKETING. SHYFT should definitely be in all caps.

Additional Info

File Formats: All if possible (I’m only familiar with JPG and PNG, but if I would need a certain file format to maybe edit the logo or for some other reason, I’d love to have those as well)

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