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COD.ph is a cash payment services company. We primarily serve the small-to-medium sized eCommerce company market. This market is generally young, aged 18-35.


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Convenient, Safe and cutting edge


I like simple logos. One to two colors max. A text-based logo is best but there have to be elements of the logo that make it unique and those unique charactistics have to mean something. It also has to look modern in terms of the design and also the color pallette.

Here are some of my favorite logos:

Amazon- It's a text-based logo but the arrow represents 2 things- 1) Anything available from a to z and 2) A smile

Xend.com.ph- This is a logistics company. I have never seen an X designed that way where half a stroke is an arrow. It's cool for 2 reasons- 1) A totally unique X and 2)the arrow in the X represents movement which is perfect for a logistics company.

Arrive- (https://tryarrive.com)- The A represents the path of a parcel that is being delivered.

Chorus (https://www.chorus.am)- The logo uses 3 dots connected on a path to create a “C” letter. Circular composition and connected things. The logo beautifully captures the concept of swapping.

Additional Info

COD stands for "Cash on Delivery". It's a payment method very common in emerging markets (i.e. developing world). Approximately 90% of all ecommerce is COD based.



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