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**Let me tell you about us**

UrbanBound is an organization working to educate thousands of business professionals as they transition to a new city. It is already an overwhelming process; we strive to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. We provide materials, perks and exclusive benefits to people moving to a new city.

**Here is what we need**

Logo to be used on website, printed materials, business cards, video etc; pretty much across the board. We need a very versatile logo that will work large and small.

**Our target audience is**

Educated professionals moving to a new city ages 18-45, both male and female. Not only do we want them to get really excited about moving to a new city, we need to gain their trust. They come to UrbanBound for guidance during their transition.

**We like these design**

Needs to be simple but easily remembered. We arent providing examples that we like because we dont to pigeon hole you or limit your creativity. We are pretty open to new ideas.

**Our design absolutely must have**

It must be modern, chic and fresh. Youthful but professional. Open to any color combinations, but needs to come off gender neutral.

We want the words UrbanBound to always appear joined. Capital U , Capital B.

It needs to work and be dynamic not only in color, but also in Black and White

It mus be a vector design

**Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.**

The urban feel we are going for is not grunge or funky no graffitiesqe type designs

Keep the typography fun and inviting, dont use stodgy/rigid font aka- the copperplate gothic type family

Please stay away from the typical skyline logo, we would like something more original, maybe less literal

Other than that, the sky is the limit, please feel free to be creative and think outside the box!



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