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About Us: Beacon Chiropractic is a state of the art chiropractic office that includes digital xray and a paperless office system, along with a high emphasis on customer service. Yet with the techonology, the office will also have a very earthy, natural, and healing feel to it. My tag line is: Let Hope Be Your Guide To Health.

What we need: Just a logo- but it will be included on everything from website and blog to cards and stationary. I want it to have name recognition as well as branding power. Needs to be able to be printed in black and white as well as color.

Our Target Audience: We are located in the Northwest United States, in the Seattle area. Typically the target audience for chiropractors is middle aged women. That is a majority of the market. The people that I am really interested in working with is middle aged adults looking to get back into shape and having the aches and pains associated with that as well as the people that have been around to a million other doctors and chiropractors and are still looking the some Hope that they can get their health back. We do a much different type of chiropractic that is still hands-on but not the snapping and cracking most associate with chiropractic. Our focus is the upper neck, especially the first couple of bones. Our goal is to balance out the nervous system which lets the messages get from the brain down to the rest of the body without interference. When this happens, someones whole physiology changes and we crazy results that most people dont associate with traditional chiropractic.

We Like These: Since the office is Beacon Chiropractic, I would like something that represents a beacon or beacon-like, and also portrays Light, and Hope. I want a blend of modern meets earthy. I like the colors: orange, white, red, and blue, but not necessarily together.

Must Have: Must have a beacon or beacon-like. Has to include both the name Beacon Chiropractic and the tag line: Let Hope Be Your Guide To Health in with the logo.

Avoid: I dont just want a picture of a light tower.



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