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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Beckett & Dash is a start-up men's dress shirt company. We created Beckett & Dash in response to our personal frustrations in trying to find well-crafted slim-fit dress shirts that we genuinely liked.

Our slim-fit dress shirts are designed specifically for men who want classic executive styling as well as men who seek the casual comfort of smart, well-tailored shirts. We hand-selected fabrics and worked closely with master designers and pattern makers to engineer a shirt line that enhances the athletic male silhouette without restricting motion. The shirt is both stylish and practical.

The name Beckett & Dash exemplifies the concept behind our versatile, slim-fit dress shirts. Beckett represents classic executive styling while Dash personifies fit and casual comfort.

What do you need?

We need a logo and font treatment for Beckett & Dash.

The most important use for the logo and font treatment will be on the label to be sewn on the inside of the dress shirt. Just to be clear, here are couple pictures of a dress shirt label:


The logo and font treatment need to work together or separately. i.e.., On a polo shirt, it would only use the logo as embroidered on the outside

The logo does not need to consist of initials of Beckett & Dash. Just look at Brooks Brothers' logo:


If using initials for the logo, Louis Vuitton would be the best example to emulate:



The logo and font treatment should convey these qualities:
- Classic luxury (we will be using hand-picked fabric and highest quality tailors)
- Craftsmanship (this will be a very well-crafted shirt)
- Modern and contemporary (while this is dress shirt, the styling will be updated to to have a ore contemporary look)
- Masculine (think James Bond, Christian Bale in Batman, George Clooney)
- Slim and sexy (our target audience will be men who are slim and relatively young)

Who Is Your Audience?

Our target audience are professionals who regularly wear a dress shirt to work. The age range is probably 25-45. They are most likely bankers, lawyers, consultants, doctors, and other business types.

He has a slim physique and most likely exercises regularly. He will likely wear this dress shirt to work and to a party afterwards.


We Like These Examples

Thomas Pink
Hugo Boss
Ralph Lauren purple label
Peter Millar

We Absolutely Must Have

We need any submission to have a mock up label on a dress shirt. It'd be hard for us to visualize just a logo and the font treatment on a background. The dimension of the label should sleek and not bulky.

Use this base image and photoshop your mock up label onto it




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