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What we do: Out of the Winepress Ministries™ is a faith-based outreach program from speaker/trainer Bart Queen of Speak America. The outreach program enables youth and adults from all walks of life to tell their story and confidently share their faith, thereby transforming their lives while gaining passion and purpose.


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Out of the Wine Press Ministries

Top 3 Things

Faith; confidence; passion


It's not about wine making, it's about being bold and fearless, gaining confidence to speak your life's truth and not being fearful. The Biblical story of Gideon threshing wheat in a winepress to hide from the Midianites can be found in Judges 6:11. Out of the Winepress ministries is about not being fearful but being bold.

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Below is more background on Bart Queen - Out of the Winepress is his personal ministry vision. About Bart Queen
With more than 27 years of teaching communication skills, Bart started Speak America 15 years ago. With a unique approach, Speak America training helps people transform their communications skills. Communications become clearer, vision and ideas are shared with high impact, and people are able to express their true selves with boldness and confidence. All of this ultimately leads to giving people their voice, a sense of greater purpose and the desire to give back. Bart’s Speak America training has met with renowned success with participant feedback comments like – “huge confidence booster,” “passionate about mentoring and teaching,” “the communication skills I learned are applicable to all aspects of my job and personal life.”
In 2012, Bart’s life took a different road as he battled stage 4 throat cancer. At the time he didn’t fully understand the impact his cancer journey would have on him - never imagining that he might lose his own ‘voice.’ The events of life from 2012 to 2014 dramatically impacted his thinking and how he handles his personal and professional life.
Today, Bart has recovered from his throat cancer and he is following his own 10 Keys of Remarkability to expand Speak America beyond borders to include community outreach programs and faith-based outreach. First stop - Kenya - where Bart and his team worked with a women’s political caucus group in Nairobi, and junior and senior high students in the remote village of Wikondiek. The noticeable result was a transformation in their ability to confidently speak from their heart. Community outreach programs and faith-based outreach coaching has already been proven successful in high schools, juvenile justice systems, churches and cancer support groups. These ongoing communications outreach and faith-based outreach programs are also intended for non-profit and charity organizations.
The newest faith-based outreach program called Out of the Winepress Ministries offers the opportunity for faith-based organizations and people to find their voice and share what God is doing in their lives and why they follow Jesus. This ultimately leads to transformation as people gain the confidence to share their story and fulfill their lifelong power and potential. Bart will donate his time and expertise during the next five+ years to create seven schools across multiple continents that include Africa, Asia, Australia, the U.K. and U.S. These locations will serve as landmarks to expand the ministries and give one million people their voice.
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