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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We're NearSay.com. We're revolutionizing local news by bringing you the local news, lifestyle and events that you care about on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis via email, Internet and on your mobile phone.

We're promoting the most influential voices in your local city neighborhoods, featuring their content and ranking them so you can follow them easily. There is a reputation system so everyone knows who the most influential voice is in East Village Restaurant scene or the Chelsea Art Scene. We'll also classify all the articles from editorial news sources like Thrillist, TimeOut, NYMag.com, Daily Candy and more.

As you might guess, we're starting in NYC, but moving quickly to a city near you. We're led by experienced Internet entrepreneurs and leaders in the news industry so the logo should scream reputable, professional and helpful. We are a service that saves you the hassles of trolling through traditional news sources and bringing you just what's topically relevant to you (restaurants, news and issues, arts & culture, family, real estate, etc.) and just in the neighborhoods you care about.

We're bringing you the local paper online, the way it should be. Personalized just to you. Every day. We're that one email you get every day that lets you feel like your part of the neighborhood. You are in the know. We're the stuff you tease your friends about if they don't read it everyday.

What do you need?

We are looking for a logo for our website, email newsletters, PR, letterhead, business cards and more.

We're a next generation service, so we need to stand out from traditional news sources. We're innovative and different, but not so out there we're not trustworthy.

We're clever but not flashy. We are about local voices and citizen journalism, not monolithic or traditional news gathering. We cover news, lifestyle and events not just stodgy, traditional news.

Most of all we are helpful and insightful. We make your life better, whether you are a mom looking for activities for your kids, a single guy looking for that great new restaurant in your neighborhood, or a business man looking for an edge before buying into the real estate market.

Ideally we would like the logo to be extendable to be branded by city like NearSay NY or NearSay New York.
We'll give you lots of feedback on your proposed designs.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience is 25-45 year old New Yorkers who are Internet savvy, but not overly techie. We need to appeal to a mass audience. 30-35 years old is the core target. We skew slightly female (60%-40%). More likely to be affluent and tied to their neighborhood, either as part of their identity or happenstance. These are our consumers.

Our other audience is local bloggers and celebrities, who we are building this platform for. Our goal is to help them build their personal brand, so we need to be helpful and honest. We are about promoting them.


We Like These Examples

Twitter, Google, eBay, Virgin Media, Twitter, Spotify, Bing, Pando, Flickr, Askeet (wrong colors though).

We Absolutely Must Have

Our name spelled out. It would be nice to have a self sufficient logo without the name next to it as well (like pando.com) so we can use it in abbreviated places. Our colors are orange and blue (for now), but we'll look at all treatments in a vacuum.



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