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Creative Brief

Who are you?

The National Ethics Bureau (NEB) is an association of background-checked financial professionals. Membership is currently available only to financial advisors who have passed NEBs rigorous series of professional background checks. Consequently, the current logo is used by our members on their marketing material, and is meant to suggest a third-party stamp of approval. Furthermore, it was designed to appear somewhat governmental in nature, again to play up the third-party approval as a basis of membership. As an association, we focus primarily on providing background checks and related branded products to approved financial advisors.

This is about to change. NEB is becoming the National Ethics Association (NEA). Rather than remain a quasi association, NEB wants to evolve into a bonafide and vibrant professional trade association consisting of business professionals who have a strong interest inand passion forethical business practices. By joining, NEA members will have access to the largest collection of ethics and compliance information, tools, and advice available in the marketplace. They will also have more opportunities to connect with fellow members who share their ethical beliefs through NEAs online community, offline conferences, and dynamic social networks.

What do you need?

We are looking to upgrade, enhance, and even supercharge our old logo (www.ethicscheck.com) to a degree that embodies the new name and spirit of the National Ethics Association (NEA), without sacrificing the credibility or branding that our current seal offers. Whereas the old logo appeared somewhat static, we want the new logo to reflect a positive change of the past, appearing innovative and dynamic without sacrificing the governmental-like credibility that it provides our members.

We want the new logo to express our desire to shape the future ethical direction of numerous industries, while maintaining our current branding.

Like the old logo, the new logo will be used on business cards, small banner ads, and large magazine inserts. So it MUST print well, especially in small sizes.

Two types of NEB members:

Basic Member (NEA Logo Only): No background check required.

Certified Member (NEA Logo, plus the word Certified somewhere in the logo): Certified background checked member.

Who Is Your Audience?

The NEA logo should be consistent with the professionalism of our members, and must convey a strong level of commitment and credibility when seen by the public. Our audience consists of U.S. business professionals and advisors. It includes all white-collar business owners, and all advisory professions such as attorneys, doctors, educators, fiduciaries, bankers, insurance agents, financial planners, accountants, investment advisors, stock brokers, real estate agents, etc. These individuals must position themselves as being highly professional in their business dealings.


We Like These Examples

We like how these well-known upgrades (see attachment) kept the original look and feel but added some element of dimension that gives a feeling that their organization is moving ahead, progressive, and in touch with technology.


We Absolutely Must Have

National Ethics Association: company name

Logo should say certified member or have the word certified prominently displayed.

Unlike our old logo, National Ethics Association does NOT have to appear within the confines of the logo shape.

The acronym NEA may be used.



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