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About us:

MyMobileRemote.com is a startup that offers consumers an innovative approach to control devices and appliances in their home or office. Most systems that are currently available are not affordable for the average consumer and require elaborate networking as well as service contracts. Our system will be both accessible and affordable.

What we need:

MyMobileRemote.com logo will be used on our website as well as on our control box units. Additionally, it will likely be used on various accessories and promotional items for branding. We want people to instantly recognize our logo.

Our target audience is:

Anyone that wants to have easy access to controlling any and all devices and appliances in their environment, both at home and in the workplace. Although controls will be semi-customized by the user, it is basically a plug and play operation. Users will not have to be tech savvy. We anticipate a wide audience, because of the simplicity, affordability and coolness of the product.

Our design must have:

The name should be easy to read, which is why we have the first letter of each word capitalized. The logo should reflect a high tech look, preferably with a feeling of movement and/or control. Other colors can be blended at the designers discretion, but the main color scheme should range from blue to green.

Some examples of other logos we like are attached below:



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