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MyCaseSpace is an online system that allows faculty and teachers to create student cases that use avatars to simulate a real-world situation. The avatars speak, gesture, and move based on simple commands inserted into the text that the instructor types into the system. As an example, a medical case my have an avatar that is simulating a visit to a doctor's office. The avatar will describe his symptoms, and may be coughing, yawning or displaying other facial expressions that supplement the dialog to give a medical student clues about what is wrong with the "patient". In parallel with the avatar, the student is asked to enter possible diagnosis or answer questions that take the student down different paths within the interactive case.

The company is focusing on universities (med schools, law schools, science courses, etc.) as its initial market, but the system can be used for corporate training and many other learning applications as well.

We are in need of a logo for the company that will be used on the website, business cards collateral, etc. We do not have any specific limitations, but we generally like abstract designs that are not too busy-looking. The name can be all in one line (MyCaseSpace) or can be split into three words to create innovative logos.

I have attached a couple of other logos that we like to give you a sense of our style.



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