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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

PixelEight Web Studio LLC

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

I AM NOT TIED TO ONE SPECIFIC IDEA, so anything that I share is strictly from a "hmm, maybe this could work" frame of mind.

How the design turns out is left entirely to interpretation (yay subjectivity!). For the most part I know what I don't want, but I won't know exactly what I DO want until I see it.

So you'll find a compilation of things that I like in the materials for this project.

As for the name:

PixelEight Web Studio, LLC was derived from nothing more than websites (which use pixels...duh) and the number eight, which has proved to have many meanings in my life. The "LLC" text has to be included for legal reasons, but it can be really small. :-)

I like a very clean style. I wouldn't necessarily call it minimalist, but cleanliness is very important to me.

I'm also a big typography guy. So font choice is incredibly important. I'm really more into sans-serif, but hey, you know what? If I'm WOW-ed by a serif font choice, I'll gladly change my mind.

So what DON'T I want?

I don't want a pink logo (though a royal purple might work).
I don't want to see comic sans or times new roman anywhere near this project.
The standard designer stuff, really. :-)

Ultimately, I've thought about going in a bunch of different directions with this logo.

Everything I've come up with has been fairly abstract, meaning: that this is a web company logo but the icon doesn't need be of a computer, a mouse, etc.

I thought about a literal interpretation, with pixels and the number eight.

I've thought about trying to incorporate the number eight as a square root or an atomic number (as on the periodic table).

Then I thought quickly about using rounded pixels...haven't decided if I like that.

And while I'm open to seeing any of those things in a mock up, the biggest thing is that the logo, whatever it is, needs to be able to be used as a stand alone icon without the text -- when/if the business gets big enough to do some real advertising with it. So as an example...if you had an icon stacked over the text, "PixelEight Web Studio, LLC," I would need to be able to remove the aforementioned text and have the icon be it's own graphic for marketing purposes.

Long-winded, but I needed to make sure I got all that out there.

Oh, and the logo not only needs to be in color (colors are up to the designer) but it also needs to look good in all white (or I need an all white version), as there's a chance this will be used on a dark gradient background at some point.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1.) I want to communicate my company's philosophy of clean, hip, modern, effective, yet simple design. Cleanliness, to me, is especially important in the typeface.

2.) I want to communicate that our web architecture is powerful and unique, yet completely gender-neutral.

3.) Less is more, as long as the icon makes sense and the typeface is well-chosen.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

I like the idea of icon and text combined to create a formal logo. But I need to stress here that eventually my hope is that the text will be removed to create a stand alone graphic. When they see the visual icon (the non-text portion of this logo), I want them to say, "hey, that's PixelEight!" But for now, it needs to have both icon and text.



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