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We are an adult family home fulfillment company that helps place elderly seniors into the correct adult family home.

Adult family homes are small-scale assisted living facilities where 1-6 residents live in an actual home together but have caregivers take care of their daily needs and basic medical care.

Our target market is usually going to be family members that are looking for a location to place their elderly mother, father, husband, wife, etc. We want to make the process easy for them as we own 14 adult family homes in the Seattle area and can help navigate which home suits each family best based of the specific medical needs of their loved one. We make it very personal to help them, hence, our name MY AFH (My Adult Family Home)


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attractiveness, awareness of who we are and what we do, professional company


Something that draws attention to it. Is creatively designed and allows the user to be attracted to the quality of the product.

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We have a website (myafh.com). The website is catered to both current providers of AFH's that are intersted in joining our network of homes. The other facet of the website is to attract future residents into one of our homes. We eventually will be breaking off our website in two pieces to cater to providers with AFH Management, and then keep myafh.com for future residents.

Most competitors of ours are just small companies and don't persue much marketing outside of meeting with people in hospitals.

You will see the current logo on our website. It consists of a pawn. The pawn on the website was designed for providers who feel like a pawn in the healthcare system trying to take care of their residents. We do not need a pawn for future residents. We would prefer somehthing more uplifting that has a positive feel to it.



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