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We are a financial services company named Mt Washington Capital Alliance, LLC. We provide an innovative, secure platform for securities firms to pool their resources, sell innovative products in a secure environment and reap the resulting benefits.

Logo, font type, color scheme to be used primarily on web site, but also on stationery and cards.

Existing broker-dealers who wish to provide innovative financial products for their brokers to sell, all done in an environment of pooled resources and well managed risk. In Phase I this is a B2B product selling into a very sophisticated and somewhat traumatized market. The key words are "innovative", "secure" (as in "getting it done right") and "collective effort". We are not marketing to consumers just yet, and when we do, they will be of very high net worth and very sophisticated.

Simple, elegant, understated, inspiring confidence in new investments done right and done together. If we were in the audio space we would be Bang & Olufsen. If we were a political campaign our motto would be "change you can have confidence in". If we were in the automotive space we would be a 1965 Mercedes 600 SWB. If we were a plane we would be a Pilatus.

We do not care for the usual financial services nonsense of raging bulls, rock formations of any kind, currency symbols, interlocking loops and letters, plays on the American flag (we will be selling into Europe soon), red/white/blue. We want to avoid old school, stuffy, pretending to have been around forever (because we haven't and because history is beginning to be a drag on reputations, not an aid).

Abstract and non-representational is fine.



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