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Harmonic Sense is a small software company, and we urgently need artwork that can be featured in the Mac App Store. Here is our website:http://harmonicsense.com where you can get a sense of our product.

Apple gave us a deadline of April 28th, 7PM PST (eek!) so we will have to take an earlier bid. In your bid, please include some info regarding your online availability on the day of April 28th in case we need to do some back-and-forth to get the format right.

The artwork must be delivered as two image files, that Apple will superimpose on each other. Here are the exact specifications sent to us by Apple:

Title Treatment
The title treatment / logo for the application should be simple and easy to read when scaled down to a small size. Please remove all tags or bylines. (HS Team: the title must simply be ChordMate).

Specification: Vector .eps, .ai or minimum 600 x 600 px transparent .psd or .tif

Background Image
The background image, texture, color or gradient should correspond to the application and complement the title treatment. It may include elements of the application itself, but should not be nor include screenshots. (HS Team: Please include the following text: From chords to chord progressions.)

Specification: 900 x 530 px layered .psd

A good way to think of it is as follows:

The combination of Title Treatment and Background Image are similar to what you might put on a software box.

For example, if the app was called "Poker," the title treatment could have the word "Poker" in a fancy font, and the background image could have a deck of cards and a stack of poker chips. With the name of the app (the Title Treatment) separate from the Background Image, we have the ability to place the title on the background where it would best fit for the particular piece or web page being designed. Please keep any additional text in your background left justified or centered.

Also, please provide a background which has a pattern, graphic or other treatment. A color gradient or simple texture as the only background element is not desirable.

Please look at the Mac App store front page and the Games category and you'll see many examples of Title Treatments and Background Images.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

-- Tool for composing and arranging music.
-- Beautiful tool with attention to detail.
-- Intuitive interface.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Simple clean design. Must incorporate our application icon (included as supporting materials). Not sure what we want for the background, maybe musical symbols/notes. Another option is some chord diagrams (please use the ones on our website, and if you choose to do a chord progression, use the one we provide on the front page). Please see specifications sent to us by Apple as well as featured logos in the App Store.



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