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Creative Brief

Who are you?

I am a twenty-something jewelry designer living in Los Angeles. I have a funky, fun and beautiful jewelry line called Mr. Kate. I sell this jewelry line in stores and on my website www.mrkate.com where I also have my Mr. Kate blog (which uses the same logo) where I blog about style, interior design, my jewelry and general lifestyle topics that all incorporates the youthful, humorous yet classic tone that is also seen in my designs. I like pushing boundaries and blending gender lines while using classic, iconic images and symbols which can be seen in my logo, which is a mustache and beauty mark as well as my jewelry pieces like my "screw you" necklace made from a tiny delicate screw or my "nuts 4 bows" necklaces using hardware nuts mixed with feminine bows.

What do you need?

I need a new logo design similar (but better) than my existing one. This logo I will use for everything from my website to my jewelry box packaging materials as well as any other future product lines (home accessories, clothing, etc.) or creative projects (TV show, book(s), etc.) I will also need it in a big enough vector (ai) file so I can blow it up and print it on vinyl banners etc.
The logo has to have a mustache with a beauty mark above the mustache on the right-hand side where the period of the Mr. would be. I will use both the mustache and beauty mark with the Mr. Kate text above it as well as the mustache and beauty mark solo (all I need is one design however with both the mustache and beauty mark and text reading "Mr. Kate").
I also use the mustache shape of the logo in my jewelry designs (like rings, etc.) and the problem with the existing mustache design of my logo is the curly Q tips which curl too much and when translated into a metal design catch on things like clothing and hair. I like the "old fashioned" mustache look but will need less curled tips so I can translate the same logo design into jewelry pieces.
I want the logo to be both classic and whimsical, humorous yet classic. Something that I can use for fun and lower price point designs but can also be classic and classy enough to use on/with higher price point designs made from real gold etc. I want to be able to age with this logo and have it be something simple, eye-catching, whimsical and classic. I don't have a preference for font, could be handwritten in a nice script or a type font and for the mustache it can be hand-drawn looking or perfectly symmetrical, get creative and thank you so much!

Who Is Your Audience?

My usual customer demographic is anywhere from 15 to 50, but mostly the 18 to 35 range. My blog readership is mostly woman but I also have jewelry designs for men that use the logo so the logo needs to be more classic and gender generic than girly. I want to use this logo for a long time and have it be playful, but not too playful that I can't still be using it when I'm out of my twenties and in my 30's, 40's, 50's.


We Like These Examples

I am uploading my current logo which gives the general idea of what i want but I think it looks too "novelty" and I want it to look more classic, with a new font and new mustache design.
I also uploaded another file of a logo I was playing with which shows a different mustache style without the curled edges that would work better for my jewelry designs, but it's not quite right and may be too fat and I don't like the text portion of it.
I like the vibe of this girl's logo http://www.karlascloset.com/ with just black on white background with a slight artistic and not-too-perfect design that looks hand-drawn. It's whimsical yet still simple and classic.

We Absolutely Must Have

I must have the logo be a mustache and beauty mark with the text "Mr. Kate." The beauty mark should be over the right-hand side (left-hand if you're looking straight at it) and should correspond and be the period of the Mr. in the text Mr. Kate. But get creative. Surprise me!
I need the file in high resolution vector (ai) format so that I can have it printed on large 5 x 5 banners, etc. I will use the logo (mustache and beauty mark) with the text (Mr. Kate) as well as the logo by itself. But please submit the full logo and text.



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