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Moon Gravity Farm

What is your industry?


What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?


What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Image + Text .... we'd prefer the logo (particularly the image) to stretch wide and narrow, like a letterhead. It needs to scale down to a business card and up to a market tent banner.

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We need a banner-shaped logo for our mixed farm in a small mountain town in British Columbia, Canada.

The graphic needs to evoke joy, biodiversity, lightness, and harmony (perhaps on a moonlit night). The font needs to evoke dependability and simplicity, a balance between solid and light.

Flexibility is key. This graphic-and-text logo will serve as a letterhead for our newsletter, webpage, and mailings, and will also be used on labels and business cards. It will define both the font and feel of our branding and marketing.


We sell a wide range of products including: seasonal fresh vegetables, seedlings, chicks and young animals to farms and hobbyists, duck and chicken eggs, and duck, chicken, goose, turkey, lamb, goat, and pork.

As eco-farmers selling to principled buyers in a progressive region, we use simple but ecologically advanced methods that allow the plants and animals to fully express their natural instincts and lead (as best as we can tell) fulfilling and happy lives. At the same time, our systems build soil, clean water, and increase biodiversity.

We move animals quickly across the land, like herds moving ahead of lions on the savannah. We follow birds behind grazers, like egrets following wildebeests. We seed and plant diverse grasses, herbs, canes, vines, shrubs, and trees, all with the goal of "abundance".

We're a young family of four, man, woman, two young boys. Even as we "age" we'd like to keep the image of the "young" family farm. I play the fiddle, my wife likes to dance, our sons like to leap and drum...

"Moon Gravity" has many meanings, among them:

1) We schedule our farm's activities to coincide with the ecological effects of the Moon's pull (tides).

2) The Moon's surface gravity is 1/6th that of the Earth's. We like to think we are taking a light, buoyant, and joyful approach to our work on the land and with living creatures.

3) The Sun's power plus gravity's force drive the great cycles that give us rains and winds, shaping land and weather.

4) The Moon is a symbol of big dreams and striving for new heights, like lovers who'd "give you the Moon," and so many childhood fantasies of riding a rocket to the stars.

5) "Moonscape" conjures images of death and desolation and is often used to describe ecological devastation. As ecological gardeners, we bring life to the lifeless, revitalizing neglected wastelands to create new "gardens of Eden."

6) We're oddballs for sure... we like to garden and herd the animals barefoot, and it's not unusual for me to work late into a moonlit night after the family is long in bed...



Local. Higher income. Usually women. Usually professional or well-educated. Willing to pay for higher quality food from happy plants and animals using farm systems that improve local ecosystems.


Moon Gravity Farm


The logo must be high contrast, most likely a simple black-and-white (but we're open to colour if it makes it jump!)

We need the image to scale down to 8cm (3.5") wide (business card), look great at 21cm (8.5") wide (letterhead), and scale up to 2.4m (8 feet ) as a banner on our market tent.
Flexibility is key. For example, we might bend the vector graphic to "dance" around labels while moving/resizing the text portion to better fit with the rest of the label text.

The font needs to evoke dependability and simplicity, a balance between solid and light. Our first instinct is to sans-serif, capitalized letters. We need a standard font so we can match it in labels and business cards.

The graphic needs to evoke joy, biodiversity, lightness, and harmony. Our first instinct is for some kind of silhouette. We've attached a bunch of ideas we pulled off Google Images.

Simplicity is great: maybe simple clean lines instead of blocked black silhouettes, or a single line to capture the whole scene

On the other hand, we might be drawn to a fairly complex scene with a lot going on! We're feeling open...


We particularly like the "follow the leader" pic. The dancing silhouettes have the sense of weightless joy while following the "farmer" through a peaceful wood. We see some kind of silhouetted scene and choreography stretching across the banner.

A "moon" does not have to be included, but we'd like to evoke at least the sense of "moonlit night."

We'd like to see plants, animals and people represented in the graphic...


We grow orchard trees like apples and pears, walnuts and hazelnuts. We grow berry canes and shrubs, grasses, herbs, flowers, and vegetables of the "garden variety." We grow mushrooms and seedlings.

A huge diversity of insects buzz around our flowers and plants.

The edges of our farm are regularly visited by black bears, coyotes, raccoons, ravens, and the occasional cougar.

We raise goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

We have pet dogs and cats.

We are a family of four with a man, woman, and two boys. The man plays a fiddle, the woman dances, the boys jump and play.


The project must not have irrelevant plants or animals, such as tropical or sub-tropical species.

We DO NOT RAISE HORSES or COWS, and are unlikely to do so any time soon.



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