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We are aiming to open one of the very first "physical" retail store dedicated solely to 3D printing very soon. We'll sell 3D printers, filaments, resins, accessories and services. We believe that 10 years from now, every home will be equipped with a 3D printer and we want to be the ones providing them! We're aware that we'll first be apealing to a restricted crowd of hobbyists but we want to be a "showroom" for regular folks to see those machines in action and get interested in them. We want to become THE reference for people looking to get started with 3D printing. The store concept is to oppose old technology to the most advanced gear like having an antique radio right besides the newest printer, old Popular Mechanics magazine pages displayed on the walls and such in a very clean and "sciency" environment. Our staff will wear polo shirts with a discrete logo on them, like in bigger retail stores and supermarkets. We aim at becoming a recognised chain in the future.


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Molecule Machines

Top 3 Things

Trustworthy, modern, precise


Recognisable, simple, timeless. We see molecules and gears (of course) but we're open minded. Monochrome or 2 colors max.

Additional Info

We like the "steampunk" vibe but don't want to overuse it. The name of the brand was chosen because it represented unlimited creation with the basic blocks of life. We're all made of molecules and so are the machines. The logo will most probably be used with embroidery on clothes, that's something to consider about the design. It will end up everywhere, from the front of the store to our email signatures so it has to be pretty universal. We need the vectorial files for sure so it can be finely printed or full blown on a billboard.



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