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Kozaye makes sleep products designed to purify your sleeping environment and improve your overall sleep quality, so that you can get a good night’s rest and go out and live your best life. Designed and crafted by textile experts who collectively have over 125 years in the bedding industry, our patented products are made with the highest quality materials that enhance the comfort of your bed. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed and sleep is the most important thing we need to live our best lives, so why not ensure that your sleeping environment is the healthiest it can be? Protect your bed and enhance your sleep. #SleepBetterLiveBetter with Kozaye.

Please refer to my attachments for a more in-depth profiles, but I am targeting women 30-55 that live a healthy, active lifestyle and care about the quality of their sleep for themselves and for their families. They also might have allergies and do not like germs or bacteria. I have divided my target demo into 3 types of women: 1. Women 30-40: These women live in major metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, have corporate jobs that pay them $100K and are independent. may or may not be single, but are willing to spend money on things that enhance their life and are good quality. 2. Women 40-50 who are married with young kids. This woman had a corporate job, but now focuses on taking care of her kids and family and ensuring they live the healthiest life possible. She runs a blog on the side. Finally, my last woman is 50-55 and going through menopause, so she has hot flashes all the time. She is a new empty nester and enjoying time with her husband traveling the world and running her own business and cares about getting 8+ hours of sleep every night and will do anything to help with her constant sweating.


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Clean, Modern, Pure


The winning logo represents a modern bedding brand - please do not do anything relating to sleep in the logo, such as a bed, moon, person sleeping, etc. It needs to look and feel different from other bedding brands. It should be unique and original and not have design elements taken from other logos. Font needs to appeal to women, be warm and inviting and have some japanese design influences.

Additional Info

- look to Japanese influences to bring the logo to life
- here is some more information about our products:
1. The fabric is a 3D knit that allows a constant layer of air between you and your mattress, so you don't sweat in your sleep.
2. The products are treated with probiotics which keep your sleeping environment healthy by helping clean your bed of dust mite and pet hair allergens and purifying your sleeping environment.
3. Eventually, we will be making products out of sustainable resources, such as bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

- Please note as you will see in the attachments, the former name of my brand is Dormair, but I am looking for a fresh new look from this brand, so please start from scratch.



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