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Im looking for a logo that I love at first sight that takes my breath away and Im offering BONUS AWARDS to get it.

It should be fresh, exciting and independent (as in, not corporate), but it should also convey professionalism. My business is mobile marketing so it should incorporate a mobile phone graphic in some way. I love the graphic on my site now, but it is an iStockPhoto image and I cant use it.

The logo will be used on my website, business cards and in marketing materials like PowerPoint slides, handouts and also letterhead / envelopes.

The logo must work well with my existing website since I just got that redesigned. I want a green/black/white logo. If another color is necessary I would be fine with yellow. The green color on my site is #459400.

Its for my company, Mobile Marketing Profits, which provides mobile marketing education and consulting services to corporations, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. I have a book, The Mobile Marketing Handbook, which will be published this fall. I love my book cover because it combines the perfect blend of something unexpected (the fish) with something stable but still interesting (the fonts). I like all of the font styles used on my book cover.

You can read my full About page that gives a bit more detail and insight into who I am. You can also see my book cover at the site. http://mobilemarketingprofits.com/about/

My target market is marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and other businesses in the mobile industry.

I like horizontal logos and like to see Mobile Marketing Profits all together. When it breaks into separate lines I seem to really dislike it. However, if you have a great idea, go ahead and give it a shot. Im open to either having .com in the logo or not.

I dont like the computer typeface that is supposed to seem modern but makes me think it is from the 50s indicating the future (which was the 80s.)

Even though on my current website my logo seems to be the whole banner and it is block of black text I do not want a block of black with the logo embedded in it.

I want to love my logo so much that I never get tired of seeing it and Im hoping you can create it for me.


In addition to the monetary award I will also be blogging about the logo process and getting feedback from my Twitter followers, so your designs will be seen and voted upon.

I will put a permanent link from my site to the top 5 designs.

The winning designer will also get a Logo created by line on the back of my business card for the first 1000 cards I use and a permanent link to your crowdSpring profile in my site footer.



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