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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Steelthorn Software writes cool apps for BlackBerry smartphones.

What do you need?

We need a logo for a new app we are working on called "QuackBot".

This app will help users keep track of "deal-a-day" websites like Woot.com, Steepandcheap.com, Dailysteals.com, etc.

We are looking for a logo of a metal/armored rubber duck along with some stylized version of the text "QuackBot". What we mean is that the duck should look like a rubber duck that happens to be covered in steel. Think "robotic rubber duck".

This logo will be used both on the web and on mobile devices, so it needs to be web friendly and it needs to look good in small resolutions. The logo also needs to work as a favicon, or optionally a custom favicon can be provided at the end.

We are flexible in color schemes, but we would like the logo to look good on both dark and light backgrounds. Thus, the background of the logo should be transparent (no gradients). Also, since the duck will be some shade of gray (metal-looking) we imagine, it might be nice if the text had some color to it perhaps, but I leave that to you.

For final delivery, we will need the logos in source format including any fonts used, etc, and the logos in PNG format (with transparency) to make our lives easier. We would like the final logo in a few variations:

-Full logo with name
-Full logo with name (greyscale)
-Just the logo of the duck
-Just the logo of the duck (greyscale)

It's not necessary to supply these variations in your initial submission.

Please no stock/corporate-looking logos. This is a fun app and not a business letterhead. Winner will be selected based on their ability to understand what we are looking for, their unique interpretation (making it cool even if we ask for something dumb), and overall style.

Who Is Your Audience?

These sites generally attract people who are used to a particular style of online humor, hence the name "QuackBot". More on that can be found here: http://www.physorg.com/news69675889.html


We Like These Examples

We love this image of a rubber duck: http://www.stormgrounds.com/wallpaper/Mi...

It portrays the right kind of "audacity" we are looking for. We don't want the duck to look overly happy or nice, nor mean or intimidating, just crazy.

Also, this example is OK, but here's an example of a "robotic rubber duck": http://www.racheshop.de/product_images/i...

We Absolutely Must Have

A killer-robo-rubber-duck logo that includes the name "QuackBot"



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