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Mindfire unites the greates talents to explore the principles of intelligence. The foundation uses a cryptographic token system to incentivize collaboration and ensure that the technology is deployed for the benefit of humankind.
Mindfire will host a series of Missions uniting experts across the sciences to collaborate on the solving of various challenges facing the development of human-like artificial intelligence. Please visit our website: https://mindfire.global/


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Mindfire Mission-1

Top 3 Things

Intelligence, Humankind, Innovation


Creating true AI is without a doubt the moonshot project of our generation. The Mindfire Mission-1 Patch should reflect that. NASA's Apollo program had crew patches for their austronauts. Similarly, Mindfire Talents get crew patches for every Mission they participate in.
For Mission-1 we envision a design similar to the Apollo 18 Mission Patch (see attached file). The winning design will show Earth and a brain lined up with the fire from Prometheus (in place of the Moon, Earth and the Sun in the Apollo 18 patch). It should also feature the start and end dates of the Mission (12.05.2018 - 16.05.2018).

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The logo will be used for round patches of 104mm diameter as well as larger banners and clothing. It can feature up to seven different colors.



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