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Hi! I'm a fourth year medical student and software developer... I have a couple applications on the Apple iTunes Application Store. They all have terrible icons because while I'm fast with a line of code, I'm all thumbs in Photoshop and Illustrator. Help me! :)

MediMath is a medical calculator program for the iPhone and iPod Touch; that is, it provides a whole bunch (100+) of different formulas and clinical decision-making tools. A doctor or nurse goes to the desired calculator, enters values (like "patient's sodium level" or "patient's current weight") or traits ("this patient has heart failure" or "this patient has kidney disease"), and sees both results and interpretations of those results.

You can see screenshots of the program at www.medimath.com. (There you'll also see the atrocity I produced in Photoshop for its existing icon.)

I need a phone-sized (57x57) icon and a large matching version (512x512), where 'matching' is open to your interpretation - I imagine that would be the same icon in large form, but it could be something else (like a large image from which the phone-sized icon is taken as a section). The phone-sized icon is the one which users will see most.

Healthcare professionals - doctors, nurses, physicians' assistants, medical students, nursing students, etc.

The red-cross / plus similarity is one possible thematic element, but I'm not married to it. I look forward to seeing your suggestions.

There are two competing products of note in the market. One is Medical Calculator, whose icon I've uploaded for you at http://evands.penguinmilitia.net/medical.... The other is Mediquations, www.mediquations.com. It's important that the design distinguish itself from these - I mention it only because both are designs which might be produced by convergent evolution since they are fairly simple and straightforward.



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