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We want to attract bold men whom desire affordable but very good quality hair transplant operation in Istanbul-Turkey. At first, we will try to attract mainly bold men whom live in Russia and some Middle Eastern coutries. Turkey is the country with the most specilized hair transplant doctors and hospitals offering best quality hair transplant with the most affordable prices compared to other countries. We came up with the name ''Medijoy'' for our brand and bought the domain name for www.medijoy.com. we wanted our brand to sound not just like any other distant and cold medical brand name. we want people to think that ''not only they will have a successfull hair transplant operation but also they will enjoy the hotel they stay in, the city they travel to and the good service we will provide them in order to get them comforted.''


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Medical Expertise, Trust, joyful experience


The winning logo looks fresh,comforting. the first feeling you get is ''I can trust this brand with their medical know-how, they seem trustworthy and also be providing me a good service &enjot my time whilst I am away in their country.'' I do not want my logo to feel ''too medical,too distant and cold.!!

Additional Info

This is one of the main competetors: https://www.drserkanaygin.com/ (maybe we can also use some kind of image in the logo referencing the ''hair transplant''
This is another competitor:http://www.comfortzonesurgery.com/clinic.html
This is also another competitor of mine but their logos is a good example of what I do not want (it is too cold,too distant and way too medical) https://www.besthairturkey.com/about



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