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OUR COMPANY: CADUCIUM, a medical software organization
OUR OBJECTIVE: To exude a vibrant professional atmosphere that suggests growth and mentorship in a safe and secure environment.
OUR TARGET: Medical professionals, particularly students at medical colleges, nursing schools and similar facilities.
ABOUT OUR TARGET: Time pressed, needing an easy way to create and access patient interaction records. Students are now required to prove they have received uniform training in all core medical areas. Because
capturing patient data is done on many media (paper, recording devices, computer spreadsheets, centralization for documentation, study and evaluation is problematic for preceptors, administration and the students themselves.
OUR BIG IDEA: Caducium preserves experience.
• Caducium has the first dedicated system to address the need to quickly and securely store and access records of patient interactions.
• Caducium products are designed to shepherd students, trainees and other users towards objectives.
• Products are designed by medical professionals for medical professionals.
TONE OF VOICE: In order to ensure authenticity, the brand should reflect these qualities:
• Trustworthy mentorship
• Creative wisdom


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Caducium (see style guide for font and colors)

Top 3 Things

Trustworthy mentorship, creatively organized , medical knowledge


I would be very interested to see ideas that incorporate a stylized caduceus and/or an endless knot. I will send some general designs for direction only. I'm not interested in sterile hospital or pharma type designs, and I don't want to see logos that are close facsimiles of any of the "thought starters". I've already seen that! :) But if you have a great design idea that falls outside of these parameters, I'd love to see it!

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