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Creative Brief

Who are you?

The name of my business is wellentouch. I am an independent massage therapist. I provide massage for relaxation, relief, and rehabilitation. I focus on modalities that involve heavy manipulation: deep tissue, sports massage, chiropractic massage. But I also provide a relaxing, pampering experience. I also teach infant massage classes. So my services include a balance of aggressive therapy and more "fluffy" spa-style treatment.

What do you need?

I'd like a logo around which I can build my brand and design various materials (website, business cards, advertising) with a coordinated look.

Who Is Your Audience?

Clients who want relaxation and pampering. Athletes hoping to improve their performance. People with injuries or diseases that require chronic pain management.


We Like These Examples

Please see the provided pdf for some ideas and examples of styles I like. Although I am providing some specific ideas, I am not married to these and am certainly open to creative suggestions.

We Absolutely Must Have

(Again, although this section is titled "absolutely must have", these are suggestions and I'm open to other ideas.)

-I would like the logo to include a representation of human hands or part/all of a prone body (e.g., head and back).

-"Wellen" is the German word for wave (as in water/beach, not waving hello), and I'd like to incorporate a wave into the logo.

-I like clean, simple lines that show an abstraction of human hands and/or a wave. No photos or realistic depictions.

-Colors: I have no specific color preferences (although the water/wave does imply blue). I am open to anything. But keep it simple - preferably no more than 2 or 3 colors. The logo must work against both a dark and white background (for website vs. printed material). So either there should be two color variations, or the colors should be carefully picked to work on both white and dark.

-No references to stones in the logo.

-Any depictions of prone body should avoid a head turned to the side.



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