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This company is a private practice that offers speech-therapy services to all age-ranges. Although kid friendly colors are great Im looking for something that can blend sophistication and a botiuqe feel. i don't want it to look like I run a daycare :) I am facinated by mandalas and what they represent- how we are all part of a greater whole and interconnected- hence "LINK". I see speech therapy as a "LINK" between our inner voice and our ability to convey outer expression through voice or all modalities of communication which can come through art, music, and what we say. I also see mandalas as a representation of our spirituality and how we are all tied together. I love abstract art and would be open to a varitey of colors or combinations. I would like to keep the colors on the lighter or softer side for an elegant feel but again Im not the creative artist so whatever comes to you would be welcomed.

i would be using this logo for business cards, letterhead, and possible website at some point.

Target audience would be childcare, schools, parents, universities, adult clients, and hosptials. I want my business to look professional, reliable, grounded and have a theraputic feel.

I guess I would like something that looks modern. Please no kiddie symbols.



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