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LSI Music exists to bring emerging recording artists to market using bleeding edge marketing and promotions strategies.

The Music Industry of the Future

We believe the digital format will be the primary preference for all market segments to access music in the near future. We will position our company and our artists to be first-movers; taking full advantage of the upcoming trend by learning and incorporating bleeding edge technologies today. We recognize that the path to profit for artists and label will be based on organic growth, and work towards a point of critical mass.

We believe that traditional radio and venue channels have entered a period of decline created by their own sheltered incompetence, and will be overtaken by digital channels including direct download and streaming within five years. We will not ignore the radio and club promotion process for emerging artists, but will focus primarily on leaner, more intelligent online channels.

We believe that music is a human condition that has existed for millennia without the benefit of record labels or Hollywood, and will continue to evolve and grow despite recent industry setbacks. We will foster and assist in that evolution to the best of our ability rather than work to foil it.

We believe that a new digitally focused record label model is a natural correction to an imbalanced, monopolized, commoditized, and stagnant marketplace. We realize traditional record labels will continue to exist based on superstar revenue; we will focus on otherwise ignored emerging talent to bring more diversity and quality into the content mix.

We believe that major record labels will be nonexistent or fundamentally (forcibly) altered within the next five years. We will employ talented marketers and work with emerging artists who accept and agree with this fundamental truth.


We believe that artists have been taught the wrong way to market themselves by the ignorance of the major record labels, and as a result do not understand how to survive without the help of these labels. We will empower and educate our artists to succeed while keeping them abreast of adjustments, small and large, in the music industry.

We believe that artists popularity should grow organically, not through traditional marketing spend. We will not accept media buys and public relations as marketing. We demand excellence through use of social technology as the primary marketing channel.

We believe artists should listen and take into account customer desires when creating content. We will not accept ignorance, failure to communicate, or failure to learn about social technologies as excuses for lagging sales.

LSI Music: Making A Difference

We use bleeding edge marketing tools to locate and reach relevant audience members with respect and credence. We do not push music on people unwilling or uninterested in making a purchase. We believe intelligent primary research leads business decisions.

We empower emerging artists to service their customers efficiently and effectively. We share openly with our artists, and expect they share openly with us. We are more than a label and a collection of artists: we are partners, and as a label facilitate the development of digital relationships between customers and artists, and assist in maintaining those relationships with the latest available social technologies and services.

We represent the interests of the artist and ourselves fairly and equally. We acknowledge that as a business we must make a profit, but we do so on ethical and fair terms for our emerging artists, who represent our partners and stakeholders in every business engagement.

We believe talented emerging artists with a passion for music and a motivation to service their customers deserve a chance to be heard by as many people as possible without a large upfront capital outlay. We evaluate fairly and with open minds all relevant emerging artists, and sign those who have the greatest opportunity for success.

We believe quality content generates genuine interest from customers. Though we encourage and empower emerging artists to listen and interact with customers to better understand what content is most popular, we do not make foolish and uneducated guesses about what is or is not considered good content.

We believe traditional advertising and branding come after an emerging artist connects with and services customers, not before. We empower and point emerging artists in the correct direction, and then foster their development. We do not accept the traditional record label process of artist development through mindless and expensive push marketing.

We believe that an emerging artist and a label can make adequate profits by working together with customers to build a more meaningful music experience. We ensure our partners and stakeholders are profitable, but we do not damage the very markets we cultivate.


A logo that incorporates the ideas of knowledge and stability merged with cutting edge technologies. We would like to see a variety of concepts - don't be afraid to go out on a creative limb - we will give feedback as needed. The company URL is www.lsi-music.com


We aren't selling a product directly. The logo is meant to identify the brand without "overselling" the concept of what we do. Recognition is key, but business to consumer sales are not.


The logo must scale very well and work on a variety of mediums including web, print, and video. We would like to see each concept developed in a full and limited color palette.



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