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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?


What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

We are a social network loyalty card rewards program. Customers (a store owners) may upload and design a "virtual loyalty card" using our website. Once designed, then the customers of that business may provide their loyalty card to their customers.

For example, suppose I'm the owner of a coffee shop. I might create a virtual loyalty card using rewardie.com's website to create a loyalty card available on iphone/android. Then, as customers come to this coffee shop they might recieve a "punch" or "credit" to their virutal loyalty card.

We should convey in the logo:
1) Simplicty - its easy to use our product and system
2) We are about people - its a social network loyalty card.
3) We enable tracking results for local stores and businesses.
4) We are a social business to reward teachers small tokens of appreciation.

A retro looking logo from the 50s would be cool (to match the color scheems)

The bottom tag line should say - "Reward Results"
I'd like the logo to have a "retro theme" and as close to the color pallet base as i've uploaded in the files.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Image + Text The bottom text should say - Reward Results for 1,2.

I'm looking for the following logos:
1) A larger logo format - that could go in the upper left side of my website
2) A smaller logo format - that might be able to go on the loyalty card.
3) A tracking logo - Would probably use the smaller logo somewhat discreet that would map to the logos. Basically this would be a design that's a symbol with a series of letters below it. It should be discreet, but representative. For example, if a company is advertising on a roadside bill board, they might be able to enter rewardie code : PROMO50. And entering PROMO50 on some website may enable 50% off. It would need to have some type of graphics small tiny graphics around it to make the words PROMO50 iconic but tie into the logos (or be the logos.)

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?


This business provides loyalty cards to brick and mortar stores. In the olden days loyalty cards consisted of a business sized card with a series of empty slots to be punched, stamped or marked. On first issue, these cards would be empty and have a series of blanks. For example, a sandwich shop might issue a loyalty card, hoping to increase reoccurring business. Their card might have 5 sandwich icons to be marked, with the 5th sandwich icon marked free.
As an example, when a customer brings into a store, he gets a stamp over an empty sandwich icon after a qualifying $5.00 purchase. Five marks later (consequently five purchases later), the customer would have the 5th sandwich icon stamped marked free (or reward). On the sixth customer visit, as opposed to purchasing the sandwich, the customer could then hand the card back to the cashier to redeem their free sandwich.

Our business Rewardie.com, provides virtual loyalty cards. We enable businesses to create virtual loyalty cards on our website. And, we enable these businesses to track and administer the cards. Our business enables store owners to create loyalty cards via website, and enables businesses to track and reward customers more securely, accurately and with less employee fraud.



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