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Rupp General Agency Resources Inc works with employee benefit distributors/providers and Trade & Industry Professional organizations (primarily construction industry) to build and market competitive Association Health Plans (AHP) to its participating member groups in the Pacific Northwest.

We operate as a General Agent (Program Manager) - managing small group employee benefits programs (purchasing co-ops) aimed at helping small employers attract and retain its talent by providing a competitive and affordable alternative.

We also help our brokers (program distributors) help their small group clients be more profitable and save time by reducing their cost of insurance, administrative burdens, legal responsibilities and regulatory exposure; while providing comprehensive benefit solutions to attract and retain quality talent.

Through AHP's we form a large group purchasing co-op by pooling many smaller groups together from the same industry or geographic region to offer better rates and benefits to its member groups.


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RGA Resources Inc.

Top 3 Things

Masculinity. Contemporary. Collaboration.


The logo should be masculine, bold, and professional.

We deal with construction related businesses with a high degree of frequency, so incorporating things like blueprints, outdoorsy buildings, and collaboration-centric images are all encouraged.

We like darker, strong color choices and a heavier, block style of text.

We would love to see a variety of stylings from the designers who can interpret our business in fresh, interesting ways, while still maintaining the masculinity and collaborative strength at our core.

Additional Info

Business owners who are responsible for a wide range of tasks are often overwhelmed. We aim to create programs that lighten their load. My co-op program is designed to provide these services to business owners and make their lives easier and more straightforward.

We want people to understand that we are a contemporary, new insurance co-op business who are in this for the long haul.

We can offer a fresh, energized take on this industry, as compared to existing businesses who have been around for a long time and are winding down.

We offer a high value service, and we make things easy for business owners. We are primarily marketing to a specific market segment including business owners with a small-mid size number of employees.



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