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We will score every entry and comment all entries with score > 2.

ABOUT US: We are a web tech company offering advanced products and services for improving the effectiveness of websites with one word, for selling more. We are NOT doing web design, neither search engine optimization. Our upcoming product will also be kind of platform.

Our company and also upcoming product (platform) is called Spletis. And this is the main word the logo must include. This logo will be used for everything about the company (stationery, website, marketing) and also for product. FYI, there is no hidden meaning in the name.

ABOUT LOGO: As we are not kind of me too web 2.0 company, we don't want classic web 2.0 stylish logo. Our clients are companies doing real business (IMPORTANT) and not some teenagers. We want simple, powerful, modern, attractive and professional logo (IMPORTANT).

CHALLENGE: Have in mind as you would design new logo for any successful web tech company that has trademark with high reputation (yahoo, google).

So, logo must include word "Spletis" and is the main thing of logo. Probably there should be something beside the name Spletis (but not necessarily) or any other modern and good looking effect. We do NOT like kind of MS Word clip arts or images in logo. Please, do NOT include money or raising chart in it (as result of more sales). There is no need to be seen from logo what we are doing.

FONT: Logo must be easy to read, but font should NOT be very ordinary as tahoma, verdana, times and also not first-time seen and stupid fonts. Name should be lower or uppercased your decision. Logo should be also readable if we resize it to width 80px.

COLORS: we do NOT want lots of colors in logo, probably max. 3-4 main colors. I think we should avoid fluorescent colors and women colors (pink). Background of the site and product will be bright (probably white) so main color should NOT be bright. Use clean background and NOT any ornament or something.

WE DO NOT WANT: We also don't want oldfashioned logo or too straight lines or squared logo and we do NOT want border around logo. I attached few types of logos we do NOT like at all (please note that these logos were taken from crowdspring and are owned by creatives).

If you make more variations of same logo (different colors or different small effects), please post them as one entry.

SUMMARY: We want modern, simple, pro logo. Our clients are companies with reputation.

Score meaning:

1 we can add this one on the list what we don't like at all

2 no, we don't like it

3 the idea or base is good, still something to work on

4 very good, right direction, maybe still some improvements

5 love at first sight

We wish a great day to all creatives.



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