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Northwest Natural Beef is a family business located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We produce natural, grass fed beef products. The cattle are raised humanely on the vast grass fields of the valley. We sell our products through local farmers' markets and also online through amazon and our own shopify store. We offer frozen cuts of beef at the farmers' markets to include premium steaks, roasts, lean ground beef, ribs (short, back and korean), sausage (links and bulk), osso bucco, tri tip, flank and skirt steaks, organ meat etc. We also offer our customers the option of purchasing whole, halves or quarters of beef. Our third product line is our dried meats or jerky. We have 19 flavors of dried meat/jerky and sell them at the farmers' markets, online at amazon and also through shopify. The business began about ten years ago and has grown through client loyalty and organic growth. Our customers tend to be fairly diverse. Typically, they are health concious and are savvy food purchasers. They look for natural foods with little to no additives. Our cattle eat only grass and we don't use antibiotics or other chemical inputs. Our meat is also fairly lean and offers an option for those not wanting the "fatty" meat found in supermarkets. We also appeal to those who subscribe to the "eat local" movement. Our products are local, fresh, preservative/nitrate free and work well for families, athletes, sportsmen, and even those on a budget. Our customer demographic spans the economic scale. We provide meat for Dr's, college professors, engineers as well as college students, teachers, stay at home moms etc. Age is similar- young college students who buy the more affordable cuts to retirees who splurge on tenderloins and rib eye steaks. Our goal is to increase our customer base by improving our website, facebook and shopify store to target a larger group with our jerky sales. It's challenging to ship frozen meat so jerky sales are a way we can increase our margins.


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Northwest Natural Beef

Top 3 Things

Natural, healthy, superior taste, local, family owned


The perfect logo would be usable across a variety of platforms. I like clean and crisp but not "big business". I'm ok with text and picture/graphic but don't want it to appear cluttered so text only would be an option. Although we are a retail food business, our roots are in agriculture and I want a "classy farm" vibe. I want the logo to have a personality but not be too "down home". Using cattle is ok, but I want to stay away from appearing too "cheesy". I like understated elements that tell a story. The Willamette Valley is beautiful and it would be nice if our logo could convey our roots. We use red as our base color in our materials currently. The new logo should be compatible with that color so that we don't have to completely rebrand from the top down at this point. Additional colors would be fine but should represent "nature, farming, good health, vibrancy".

Additional Info

This is our current site. Yes, it needs to be revamped... https://www.nwnaturalbeef.com/ This is our shopify site: nw-natural-beef.myshopify.com. I envision our logo and eventual site, store, FB, instagram to embody a "rustic vibrant, vineyard type feel". Vineyards and winery's seem to have figured out how to be both an agricultural entity and a retail enterprise. Here are some competitors and examples. I'm not impressed with any of them. I like some elements but I think we can do much better. There seems to be a lack of branding strategy and professionalism in most farm/family sites. http://deckfamilyfarm.com/ or http://www.wahlfamilymeats.com/team/ https://natural-beef.com/ http://www.chinookfarms.com/beef.html http://www.august-farm.com/ http://www.seattleurbanfarmco.com/ https://lockhartcattle.com/ As mentioned above, the logo would be used on our website, FB page, instagram, print, display materials etc. Thus, we would need appropriate file formats for those channels. If we found the right designer, there might be an opportunity to work on the site and store.



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