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We are creating a new site that helps people build their own MEME site.

You know sites like FML, LameBook, LOLcats, and People of Walmart? The funny and random sites that post text or images about a specific topic. Well, we want to build an engine that can allow any user to create their own site in a couple of minutes. So lets say you like to collect pics of dogs wearing human clothes with poorly translated Spanglish phrases as captions... You can come create a custom site and have it up and running and ready for submission and BAM-- you've created your very own meme.

OUR network name is called StickyMeme.com.

We need a cool, modern logo with the words, STICKY MEME in it. We need 2 versions-- one with StickyMeme written out on one line and another version on two lines.

We like the look of web 2.0 logos that look like vinyl stickers with thick edges. But that is not a necessity. The CAPS don't really matter. All lower, Case Capped, or ALL CAPS. Whatever. We are open to all ideas, but it should be clean, professional, and FUN.

We will likely do a watermark version to add to pics so it should be clear enough to show up at 50% transparency.

Email any questions or thoughts and I will try and get back to any questions as soon as I finish digesting my turkey.




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