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Blacklotus Landscaping LLC is a landscape maintenance, installation, and design company dedicated to the service of local communities, the furtherance of learning, and the preservation and enhancement of the environment. This socially conscious business calls for a creative vision of sustainability and uniqueness as well as a profound appreciation for the awe-inspiring beauty of Nature. The path that Blacklotus Landscaping LLC follows requires an awareness of the ethical considerations in horticulture and at the same time simplicity and elegance in its everyday services. It is our mission to remain current with horticultural practices and products and endeavor to treat our customers as our friends and family, building meaningful, lasting relationships.

We come from a Baha'i religious belief and our work and the service we perform for others is very dear to us and we strive to uphold the highest standards of truthfulness, trustworthiness, honesty, dedication, love, and hard work. "Work performed in the spirit of service is the highest form of worship".

The story behind the choice of business name; Blacklotus refers to a Lotus flower that has never before been seen in nature as well never before been propagated by cultivators. It is both exotic and stands for a very high standard of achievement/perfection. This ties in with the motto/saying Blacklotus Landscaping LLC 'Reaching for Perfection' because we are reaching for the perfection of service to our clients in our landscaping endeavors and moving towards that standard of excellence that is very hard to achieve just as it is hard to create a Black Lotus flower.


Logo/Memorable Icon that carries our business name very well and leaves an easy to remember image/icon in people's minds when they think of our business and its services. We need to be able to communicate clearly in English to the designer.

We want to be able to put this logo onto our work truck on the passenger and driver side doors and on a permanent house sign, as well as to be able to scale it down for business cards, etc. The Logo and text of the business name (Blacklotus Landscaping LLC) are the most important to us as well as including the phrase 'Reaching for Perfection'. The Logo should really be of a high quality so it looks beautiful on the car and sign.

1. Creative/imaginative artistic version inspired by lotus flower attached below

2.19 seed pod points in the center seed pod- gold/yellow in color, the number 19 has a personal significance to the business owners

3. Gold/yellow stamens (flower parts around seed pod in center)

4. Midnight black flower petal color with dark blue highlights/vein color

5. Include the phrase 'Reaching for Perfection'

6. EPS Format, also jpeg

7. Convert text to curves or paths

8. Save files of font as well if you could suggest a font type to be used for other text that will accompany the logo on the car/sign

9. Vector type art so we can easily re-size with loss of quality

10. It would be awesome to have a large version of the logo/business name, the space on the car doors for this is 10in x 28in and the sign could be larger of course. If the lotus flower in the logo is approx 10in x 10in and on the left side that would be great as we really want this to stand out and carry the business name so if someone sees only the lotus flower they know it stands for Blacklotus Landscaping LLC even without really seeing the text.


Mainly homeowners who may have varying incomes levels who are passionate about their landscapes, need help to maintain their existing gardens that they don't have the time or knowledge to do, those interested in installing new landscapes for property value increase, creativity or their personal artistic expression, those who just need some grunt labor to get shit done. We also want to work for some businesses as well to really help them to have an attractive and peaceful atmosphere for their clients. We are aiming for a high level of excellence and service and want to work for those who are interested in those aspects of life and at the same time for those who just need to get some heavy shit done so to say.

We want them to realize our high level of excellence, service orientation, love of beauty and perfection and at the same time an element of ruggedness and that we are there to get hard work done and not stand around and pick flowers.


We like fine details and meaning within our designs, numbers such as the 19 is significant as well as the colors and lotus flower we have chosen. We do no like cartoonish looking designs nor does it need to be entirely realistic either, artistic expression is very important to us and to our religious beliefs.


1. no cartoonish designs

2. the lotus flower that looks like a real lotus flower for the main part

3. 19 seed pod dots in the center of the lotus flower in the seed pod

4. the colors chosen

5. the full business name 'Blacklotus Landscaping LLC'



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