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A new company that needs a logo that represents the idea of "tongue in cheek".

We need a logo built around the idea of tongue in cheek. From Wikipedia: Tongue-in-cheek is a term used to refer to humor in which a statement, or an entire fictional work, is not meant to be taken seriously, but its lack of seriousness is subtle.

Heres what Im picturing: a capital C that looks vaguely like a cheek. A capital T inside the C. The horizontal line on the T looks vaguely like a mouth, and the vertical line looks like a tongue. We're looking for a simple, elegant design. A very crappy version of this is uploaded as an example.

Logo will be used as part of a web design, as well as being "screen printed" on various products (clothing, mugs, etc.)

Two versions: one just black and white, the other with a red tongue.

People that appreciate tongue-in-cheek humor.

A simple, elegant design. As noted, one black and white version, and one black, white and red (for the tongue) version.



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