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Optica Félix, is an optical glasses store. It has been in Dominican Republic since 1955. We sell prescription glasses and sunglasses of differente brands. We have been known in the market as a high quality performance in making prescription glasses. Our target are oftalmologists who recommend their patients and direct customers.


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Optica FELIX or Optica Félix (just the punctuation depending if it is capital letter or not. If it is not, it has to have the accent in the e of Félix.

Top 3 Things

Quality, strength, tradition


We have one logo that hasn't had a lot of changes since 1955. The founder has 78 years old and we are between keeping the logo and just have a refresh, not to make a big change so he doesn't get scared, but that has a meaning in the art itself, maybe a refresh. We haven't had brand book so in its history there has been no consistency at all. This is why would also want guidelines of the logo with some pantone colors for the use of background or patterns we could for the brand. We have only used blue. white and black

Additional Info

I want the max measure and min that the logo is able to use. Also, we would like to keep the color of it, just to have pantone colors that we could use for marketing purpose and amplify the ways of communicating. We don't want a totally new logo, just to refresh, with something that works - you can remove the half glass, and put whatever you want. The word "Optica" you can work however you think is best and make the necessary changes. FELIX, is what we think shouldn't have a big difference, just refresh, maybe we're just scared. Now we have a problem and is that Optica is too small and when some people just see "FELIX" they don't know what it is right away.



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