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At The EMU Experience (www.theemuexperience.com), our core audience is corporate learning professionals who design and/or deliver training courses. These could be individuals who are formally trained as learning professionals (e.g., instructional designer) or simply an employee who finds themselves designing/delivering training at their company.

Here's our 3-sentence Problem|Solution|Result synopsis:
When professionals choose to deliver their training content as a presentation, little learning actually occurs. We help professionals design engaging and memorable learning experiences. Engaged learners remember significantly more of your training content and can more effectively apply that knowledge back on the job.  

EMU is an acronym for Engaging, Memorable and Unexpected - and it is our underlying methodology for everything we do. [NOTE: our constant struggle has been whether or not to include the actual emu bird into the design; ideas around that are certainly welcome]

Our tagline, as seen on theemuexperience.com is: "Helping professionals design memorable learning experiences."

We believe that to create a memorable learning experience, trainers must engage their learners early, often and on purpose.

We teach our learners 1) the what, why and how of purposeful engagement (in the corporate classroom) and 2) the power of being "unexpected" in how you engage your students by being creative - and how our students can tap into their individual creativity to design more "unexpected" and unique engagement activities for their courses.


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The EMU Experience

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Corporate Learning can - and should be - engaging to be effective, Creativity, Professionalism


No clue. I've had my current logo for 5 years so I'm just stuck with that design. Help me get unstuck!



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