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About Us:

We are http://www.absoluteincentives.com, an online poker affiliate that gives rakeback to our players. Giving rakeback means that we give a % of our referral commission back to our players as an incentive to keep playing.

What We Need:

A new logo, we will redesign the whole site soon, but want to start with a good logo. The one we have now is too generic and bland (see attachment). The logo will appear on the website, business cards and possibly t-shirts. The logo should appear as Absolute Incentives without the ".com", you can create examples with or without the tagline underneath, we might change it later or get rid of it altogether. The logo might appear against a black, white or blue textured background when the site is redesigned.

Our site is basically about giving money back to poker players, so you might want to incorporate that idea into the logo somehow. Maybe some kind of full circle idea, or a $ instead of an "S". The famous "recycling" image has already been done in many rakeback sites so that is to be avoided. These are just suggestions, I'm open to your creative judgment.

Target Audience:

Our demographic is mostly males 18-40 who are professional online poker players.

Designs We Like:

Something sleek and classy, not a cheesy poker hand full of aces. I've attached a file of logo styles and colors we like, mostly dark blues, greens or black. The long image at the bottom is a color scheme and navigation panel I really like so you can keep that in mind since we might use something like that in the new site. These are just guidelines, if you have an awesome idea with new colors, we're open to seeing it!



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